Our team of mechanical engineers can provide complete solutions from concept design to installation, including all fabrication, machining, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical work. They design, install, implement and configure both simple and complex AV technologies to meet the needs of organizations, theatres, and sports complexes in cities across Hungary and across the world.

At Animative Group, we have a deep understanding of stage machinery on a technical, as well as a practical level. We have the ability to clearly understand requests and respond to needs as communicated. We provide services for development, design, technical calculations, testing and measurement. 

Our theatre and venue consultants understand the artistic, operational, technical and commercial needs of all types of venues. We work with colleagues across Animative Group to provide an unparalleled experience in the multi-disciplinary design of performing arts facilities.

We draw on Animative engineer’s exceptionally wide range of skills, from highly specialist structural and mechanical engineering for large movable structures to the most advanced audience-flow simulation.

The Hungarian House of Music is being built next to the Városliget lake, near the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Artificial Ice Rink, on the site of the disused HungExpo offices that have been disfiguring the park for decades.

Being built as part of the Liget Budapest Project, Animative Group designed and built the auditorium, outdoor stage and 600 seat theatre – including all theatre technology on the ground floor of the building.

The lower engineering features a complex sinking system and the upper engineering – point pullers, lighting supports, and sound system. Due to the glass surface of the building, a black-out curtain system was installed in both interior auditoriums, and to improve the acoustics of the auditorium, lower ceiling acoustic banners were installed, all integrated into the auditorium lectern. 

Our company designed the stage engineering for the rehearsal theater for the Eiffel Hall. The biggest challenge in the present project was to design a full- fledged theatrical engineering into a very limited technological space. We designed in close collaboration with the experts of the Hungarian State Opera.

The two theaters, the 130-year-old Hungarian State Opera House and the Erkel Theater, can no longer meet the needs of scenery and costume production, and need addditional space for orchestral and stage rehearsals.

This renovation salvages a valuable industrial railway building, and this respected urban landmark is poised to become one the most prominent classical-music centers in the country.