Acoustical Engineering seeks to improve the quality of sound and reduce noise. Our Animative acoustical design and development engineers provide a superior sound experience that help to create the mood and give meaning to your project – whether it’s for an office building, theatre, or sports stadium.

Our many years of experience in acoustics allows us to meet all acoustic environment challenges enhancing your audio intelligibility. This includes broadcasting, sound system design, surround sound systems, intercom systems, commercial grade audio systems and more.

The sectors that benefit from expertise in acoustical engineering are numerous and diverse: environmental, architectural, industrial, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation.

We provided the acoustic modelling, design and construction of a speaker system in accordance with the regulations of the 2022 FIFA World Championships for the Khalifa International Stadium. This accomplished 40,000-seat arena already has an illustrious hosting history, having previously welcomed the Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup and the AFC Asian Cup, among other events.

Animative Group designed complete theatre technology for the Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém  – an 110 year old Art Nouveau theatre. This includes the acoustical design, stage engineering, lighting, visual engineering, special effect lighting, building technology and general low voltage systems – from concept creation to executed plans.

Design and construction of the suspended speaker system for the breathtaking Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar – one of the largest stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Al Bayt Stadium, which can sit 60,000 fans, derives its name and shape from the traditional tents used by nomadic people in the Gulf region.

Acoustics is about the vibrations that can be heard and felt in our natural and built environment. Protection against noise and vibration protects our living environment. Room acoustics provide the right atmosphere for the function. Our mission is to make acoustic engineering design purposeful and clear, so as not to mislead the client nor the audience. The balance needs to be struck between architectural aesthetics, functionality, practicality, feasibility, musicality and customer expectations.

Animative Group’s acoustical engineers are indispensable specialists in solving any kind of noise or vibration challenge. The use of an acoustical engineer in all phases of project development is recommended, but particularly early in the design phase.  Correcting noise problems after they arise can be twice as expensive, and only half as effective, as the correct acoustical treatments being installed during the design phase.

Acoustical Engineering seeks to improve the quality of sound and reduce noise. It concerns:

  • building design and building materials
  • noise control
  • environmental regulations
  • speech
  • hearing
  • music
  • sound recording, broadcast and reproduction

ANIMATIVE Engineering Limited Liability Company

Creation of an acoustic expert system and the creation of a point-like speaker with animation-controlled directional characteristics at Animative Kft.

Project start date: 02.07.2019.

Completion date: 30/06/2021

Total eligible cost of the project: HUF 138,454,565

Grant amount: HUF 96,154,565

Animative Ltd. was established in 2011 with the aim of providing high technical and aesthetic quality acoustic, electroacoustic, special technology design / construction / project management services in these areas. Its activities cover the special technologies of theaters, multi-function complexes, opera houses, concert halls, sound / TV / film studios, congress halls, sports complexes and museums. Our creative team is professionals who add intellectual value, creative and complex solutions to create systems that go far beyond simple design. The combined value and complexity of this intellectual capital makes the work of its professionals a complex knowledge and a salable product, thus creating intellectual values ​​at the European level. Our organization is registered under identification number 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00256, 12.03.2018. submitted a grant application on 19.10.2018, which the Sponsor submitted on 19.10.2018. According to the grant decision dated 1 January 2006, he received a grant and a non-refundable grant of HUF 96,154,565.

The planned physical completion date of the project is 30.06.2021. The object of the project is to create an acoustic expert system and to create a point-to-point speaker with software-controlled directional characteristics.

With the help of the acoustic expert system, the causes of acoustic problems (eg examination of outdoor noise propagation, examination of indoor room acoustics) can be explored analytically and automatically instead of the usual empirical and therefore uncertain methods. This ensures that the search for solutions is more efficient in existing problem situations, while in planned situations, critical points and solutions can be clearly identified. The inverse formulation of acoustic problems will be available in the form of algorithms that can be applied in practice. In the framework of the project, the algorithms are tested and validated (validated) in comparison with real situations. Proven algorithms and the hardware that supports them form a product and solution that is not currently available on the market. Acoustic problems can only be studied in one direction (input data -> results) by currently available solutions on the market, so if the result or the relationship between input data and results needs to be known, it is only possible by trial and error. The development results in software and hardware that can also calculate the input data from the results to achieve the results (inverse approach). If the given situation can be examined from two directions, the connections can be learned much better and thus the given acoustic problem can be handled more effectively. Within the framework of the tender program, the software (algorithms, user interface) and additional hardware (point source with adjustable directional characteristics) required for product introduction will be prepared, with experiments and professional publications proving the conformity of the product and technical background (verification, validation). The scientific background of the project consists of published research results examining the inverse room acoustics approach, as well as computational procedures related to general wave propagation. The technical background of the controllable point-like sound source has been developed because it is essentially the reciprocal application of Ambisonic coincident microphone technology. The development task is the design and testing of the speaker, the implementation of the related software. The planned system offers a novel solution that is not currently available, so the company can become a unique player in the acoustic modeling and design market. Based on the nearly 20 years of engineering experience, we have recognized that there is currently no solution on the market that supports the performance of everyday engineering tasks with efficiency and depth similar to innovation. In our opinion, the expert system created as a result of the innovation, supported by an appropriate publication background and a practice-oriented user interface, is a solution that can be in high demand.